A Poem for the Unmentionables

A Poem for the Unmentionables

You’re not even worth writing about… but I will do the world a favor and take care of this dirty deed.

You’re irrational-

Irrational beings belong in the imaginary realm,

Unreal and volatile, often sick and twisted

Your face needs a fucking smashing back into reality

Unfortunately, your chances of resurrection have long since passed

Even a swift taste of pressure on your flexible cartilage can’t bring you back now.

Your narcissistic ways consume you. You think you’re so high and almighty,

But you are drowning and you are the cause.

You complain of how others hurt and betray you,

Yet you imitate the same actions you claim to despise.

Your loved ones try to save you but forsake you,

Because in your mind you know better than all.

When they leave you, you dig your hole deeper

Causing yourself, even more, anguish because you think:

I don’t need them. I am great! As filthy, weak, meaningless words pour out of your mouth.

But brothers and sisters I warn you, to forsake all, that is the greatest human fault of them all.


What does a man feel like? So many accomplishments, yet with no one he truly cares for to celebrate them with…?

I’ll tell you. Even in all his glory, that man…he feels small.




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