Don’t Save Him, He Don’t Wanna Be Saved.

You must hold him accountable.

Do not be swayed by the,

“But baby, you know I love you!”


“Relax, it wasn’t that serious”

Or even the Drake in him telling you,

“You know what is was when you signed up…”

Because you are worth more than his poor excuses.

Because your time is worth more than reassuring his airheaded poorly constructed ego.

You’re a real ass woman who doesn’t have time for the antics of a grown man-child.

So put your foot down, no more accepting less, because baby girl you are a QUEEN!

You deserve nothing… but the best.

You are not a doormat or sliding door that is to be used and abused over and over again, as he pleases to come and go.

Because with each entry and exit, your beautifully woven mat begins to dull.

It gathers tracks and marks and stains that can’t be resolved.

Your sliding door’s effortless glide… becomes rigid and worn.

And your protective screen… becomes decorated with finger and donut sized holes.

Until one day, you become so unrecognizable, you lose sight of yourself and wonder was it even worth it all?

Don’t conform  because you want him,

Do not sacrifice to meet and feed into his happiness and needs,

You are not an adapting option.

Make it clear, that you are the ONLY option.

And if he refuses to see you as otherwise,

It speaks to the level of his own growth…

Because a real man will always recognize a real woman,

And a real one will never let his real one go.

There aren’t too many of those…


~Ola Kemie


*Sips tea.


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