A Word on the Injustices Faced by America’s Black Citizens

And injustices faced by anyone is a threat to everyone’s justice. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

A word on the injustice faced by America’s black citizens


I believe in God, it does not mean I’m trying to force you to. Not all Christians hang with the Westboros of Christians extremism.

I also believe in the equality of all human life. I don’t think any race is greater or less than another, in my view, we are all equal. But it has been very clear throughout American history this hasn’t always been the status quo, not just for African-American or black people in America but Latinos, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, people of middle Eastern decent and even some European immigrants alike.

As humans, we have not been kind to one another.

In this piece, I am particularly focusing and speaking on the African-American struggle. The way things have been playing out, this agonizing struggles is imperative and must be addressed and tackled now.


It times like these when black men like Alton Sterling are murdered I think about my bible. I think about Jesus and how the bible said he sacrificed himself to save mankind in order to give them everlasting eternal life.

This morning I watched an old friend’s snapchat thread.

She too, as am I was enraged and heartbroken about the constant reoccurrence of incidents where cops are killing civilians with no justification. A sad occurrence that has happened one too many times.

At the end of her snapchat story she said. “If you are willing to live for justice, you must also be willing to die for it.”

At that moment, it all clicked in my head.

Maybe we need to be the Jesuses of our time. We need to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good of mankind.When I say we, I mean every person regardless of the color of your skin.

This is your fight too, the human fight because if every life matters, then you will fight for black lives too. So haveAlbertEnsteinWorld the courage to stand up and speak out even when the persons whose life isn’t valued does not look like you.

I was scared before but I am ready and willing now. I am ready to stand against the hate and corruption of my modern world. I will conduct myself the best way I know how, not through violence, but through love. My voice will be heard, and the pain in it will be felt. With this I do understand, people will be against me and others like me. They will not fight the same way I have chosen to fight my fight. So if it is necessary and my life is threatened, I will protect myself as well as other, but my first choice will always be to fight with love.

I do not advocate or believe violence is the answer. VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER, communicating, educating and loving one another is. But in order for this to happen there must be the acknowledgment of the atrocities the black race faces. I do not think we should attack our oppressors, we should be above them in our actions. We should not belittle them either. Instead, we should teach them their ways of error and correct them for the benefit of all of the human race.

I feel like God had been preparing me for it all my life. My life appears to be great to others but trust me, I have gone through hell. Which make me think I ready to go through this one too.

While I do believe all lives matter, it is apparent that my own black life does not matter much right now. People refuse to acknowledge this and I can’t just let that go. If it means my future children and future generation of this country will be able to see better days, days when we are all equal in the eyes of men as we are of God and the universe, that is a cause I will not shy from. A cause I am willing to die for.

~Ola Kemie


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