I thought my human life was pricless too…

I love how cops have to die

before you see a little humanity in their eyes.

All are silent, until the men in blue fall victim to the violence

Is it because they were not cops that their lives do not mean that much?

In school, we laughed and joked,

Once upon a time I thought you saw me as an equal,

But clearly, that’s not true by your facebook posts… I haven’t seen you once vouch for my people.

It’s disheartening and unbelievable.

When we die, it’s our fault,

There’s something we could have done to change the results

They see no error in their ways

That’s a price all minority people have to pay,

But what if it was little Timmy or Adelynn

playing with plastic guns on the playground or in a field by the school’s gym?

What if it was them shot up by a bad cop,

Would they not feel the same, would they not feel enraged?

These are the types of struggle we face.

Suffering, with no sign of relief,

Receiving brutality on all sides even from our very own “police”.

We mean no harm,

We just want to be heard, but everything we say gets misunderstood

Can’t you all see we are just trying to promote a better life,

one that is a testament to equality, and the greater good.

~Ola Kemie


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