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My name is Kieanna Moore and I am a 20-year-old college student trying to navigate my way through life and I am documenting my experiences on this blog, with you. 🙂

I am of West African and Carribean descent (and extremely proud of it!).  My mother is from Sierra Leone and my father is from Jamaica. For most of my life, I grew up in a small suburban town. You know, the ones with the nice family homes decorated with white picket fences, and avid stay at home moms that got your back when it’s a snow day and school hasn’t been closed. Yea those ones… But that bland life of norms and consistency got pretty boring for me so as you guessed it, I currently go to school in the city and I’m loving it. Philly to be exact, home of the wonderful septa_logo, no really… I mean it. I know, no one ever thinks public transportation is wonderful. Despite those weird 60 second pauses on subway rides where it feels like your in the opening scene of a horror movie ( as  you try not to shit your pants in complete darkness), Septa is pretty awesome. Especially coming from a girl whose permanent residence is in a town where you need a car if you’re trying to go anywhere. It’s lit.

A representation of my mixed feelings about Septa…


But back to me, below are a few of my passions and a little bit about them.




So I’ve been drawing, painting and trying or doing anything classified as “artsy” since I was about 5. Or at least that’s my most recent memory of it. A lot of what inspires my artwork is the vibrant colors and artwork that has been a part of my culture and heritage growing up. Just so you get a visual idea of what I’m talking about, below is a slideshow of  African prints featured from a South African brand called ONE OF EACH, and Carribean carnival costumes.

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I’m also inspired by the likes of Frida Kahlo. That’s my girl. her artwork is amazing, raw, and true to whatever her emotional state was at the time. Not only is she amazing but her life story is truly an inspiration. Forget “turning lemons into lemonade,” she turned poop-poo-pooh-emoji-cartoon-face-036-512.png into lemonade or beautiful artwork that is and she finessed every time.


Frida Kahlo; Ain’t she a baddie? Inside & out.


And last but not least ANIMEEEEEE.

Yes, anime is sticker,375x360.png. Every undercover nerd’s darkest secret in middle school. Below are pictures from manga and anime I use to watch growing up (L-R) Shugo Chara,  Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, & One Piece.







Ahh, sweet, sweet music. Where do I even begin? Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Trap, Rap, Hip-hop, Psychedelic Rock… The list goes on… Honestly, if you want to listen to the music I listen to while reading my poems and looking at my artwork, here’s a link to my sound cloud account. If you’re planning on listening, I hope you enjoy!




To be honest with you, growing up I never took much of an interest in poetry. The poetry I was taught in school didn’t really vibe with what I was into so I just tuned that art form out of my life. Sad,  I know but luckily, I was able to revisit this art form in the latter half of my life. Not so long ago, I started reading poems by Maya Angelou and my personal favorite Rupi Kaur. It was about three weeks ago (June 2016) when the moving and insightful words of both of these individuals prompted me to pick up my own poetic pen. Poetry for me is very therapeutic. I often find myself thinking and dwelling too long on situations that sometimes are beyond me, and poetry helps free mind of my troubling circumstances. It also allows me to write down what I might not have been able to say in the heat of a moment.

So now that you’ve learned a little bit about me, go see what I’m talking about throughout my page. I have plenty of poems and artwork for your eyes to feast on, I’m sure you’ll be amazed. 😉

Thanks for learning a little bit about me!


All these lovely components of me were brought to you by:

Sierra Leone, Jamaica, & The United States.

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