The Love Files

A Poem for my First Love

I opened my legs thinking it would open your heart.

As I did, I looked into your soul hoping you would see mine.

Instead you saw an opportunity and took advantage.

In the end, all that was left was my broken heart.

Even though you brought me pain, I wish the world brings you nothing but happiness

Even if it means without me.



As every young person does think, I thought I was above, an exception

My mother warned me
My aunts warned me

But they already knew a truth, I had yet to discover. I had to learn it on my own.

The reality of the pain had to sear through my heart before I could hear the message their wise tongues tried to relay,

It scorned me, made me raw and vulnerable. BUT. now I know, now I am wiser I share their wisdom.

I should have listened to my mother,

But I have no regrets.

Every foolish decision was well spent.



Was this love?

The sight of him made me smile so hard, even thinking of it now my heart remains unchanged

I am the butter to his bread.
He could mold me and spread me anyway, I was helpless

A trusting fool in love

It was his eyes that deceived me

So warm, so kind, so inviting…I craved him, I still do.

But I know better so I protect myself now…



You are my muse,

While we lasted for a short while,

Every memory of us, will ripple in my mind until I am no longer

Every moment was special when spent with you.

You taught me things about myself I never knew, it hurt

But I am grateful for the pain I allowed you put me through

You will always be my muse.


The Shape Shifter

Old friend, I just met you,

We have so much catching up to do.

You appear to me in a new form, but I know you

Old friend, your eyes always tell the truth.



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